Bathroom CabinetsSave Money on Bathroom Cabinets in Atlanta with RTA Cabinets

Save Money on Bathroom Cabinets in Atlanta with RTA Cabinets

Want to find out how to save money on bathroom cabinets in Atlanta? It is obvious that a full bathroom remodel can be a great burden on your wallet. And at the same time, we are sure that you won’t like to take the cheap way out in every feature of your bathroom cabinetry. In this article we are going to tell you the tricks, which can help you save money on your bathroom cabinets.

Choosing the best cabinetry for your bathroom is similar to buying kitchen cabinets. But before jumping into the shopping process, you have to do a thorough research and plan properly for buying your cabinets. First thing is asking yourself, what your priorities are by looking at your everyday bathroom requirements. Plan out the space and storage, and this will help you have a clear picture of how you want your new bathroom cabinets to be like. Finally, decide how much you are going to spend.


What to Look for When Buying Bathroom Cabinets for Less in Atlanta?

bathroom cabinets for less in Atlanta

bathroom cabinets for less in Atlanta

After you are done with the above considerations, it’s time to know what you should look for while buying a bathroom cabinet for less in Atlanta. We have explained the most important ones below:

Cabinet Drawers

It doesn’t matter which type of cabinet you select, always make sure that the cabinet is well constructed and have drawers that are at least 3/8 inch to ½ inch thick. Try to avoid stapled construction. Double check to ensure that the drawers open quietly, smoothly and they must not crumple when fully extended. Dovetail joinery and wood sides are signs of a quality construction. However, substrates such as plywood, MDF and particleboards with doweled joinery are also good and affordable alternatives.

Cabinet Materials and Finishes

As we all know bathrooms are prone to a lot of wear and tear, so, it is extremely important to choose the right material and finishes that can last long and withstand heat, water and moisture. The common materials used in construction are plywood, particleboard or medium density fiberboard (MDF) with solid wood door and drawer faces. You can also get stained, glazed and antiqued finishes but obviously you’ll have to pay more. But the common materials used now a days do great, just avoid using veneers in the baths as they can peel over time.

Cabinet Doors, Accessories and Hardware

The look of your bath is driven by the door style and decorative enhancements of your cabinets. Always look for drawers and doors that are identical or coordinated. The hardware looks best when it is identical and coordinated as well. But for bathroom cabinets, ease of use is more important than the looks. So always look for the cabinets that open quietly, smoothly and have efficient storage space.


Can RTA Cabinets Be Used to Save Money on Bathroom Cabinets in Atlanta?

cheap Atlanta bathroom cabinets

cheap Atlanta bathroom cabinets

Just like kitchen cabinetry, bathroom cabinetry also come in three basic grades I.e. RTA (stock cabinets), semi-custom and custom cabinets. Bathroom cabinets are constructed using two different approaches; face frames and frameless. You can also buy the bathroom cabinetry in the form of freestanding vanities. There is a wide network of retailers and home improvement centers in Atlanta but if you are looking for great quality at a low price then you should buy from Woodstone Cabinetry.

Ready-to-assemble bathroom cabinetry is the cheapest grade but cheap doesn’t mean low in quality. RTA come in boxes and requires to assemble the pieces in order to make a complete cabinet. RTA cabinets offers wide variety in door style, size and material. They are a perfect option if you are running on a tight budget. Atlanta RTA cabinets for bathroom have gained a lot of popularity over the past decade. It gives you all the features you hope to find in a bathroom cabinet. Don’t let the low price confuse your mind about the quality of the cabinets. RTA cabinets offer you best hardware options and great features that you find in a custom or semi-custom cabinet. You can buy the best quality RTA cabinets in Atlanta from Woodstone Cabinetry that sells up to 40% off.


RTA Bathroom Cabinets are Better than Custom

Ready-to-assemble cabinets are designed to reduce cost without sacrificing design and quality. Following are some of the distinct differences between custom and RTA cabinets, which will help you understand why RTA cabinets are better than custom cabinets


One of the major differences between an RTA and traditionally assembled cabinet is their cost. Custom cabinets are always going to cost you more. In addition to manufacturing cost you are going to bear labor cost as well which is always a significant additional expense. However, RTA cabinets will cost you less and will require very little or even no labor cost.


Custom cabinets are usually assembled and installed by the manufacturer. So, you’ll get the edge of professional assembly and installation. However, many people order pre-assembled cabinets that can be installed by themselves. RTA cabinets require manual assembly but the satisfaction you get after a successful assembly is worth the wait. Assembling your own ready to assemble bathroom cabinet is very easy and almost all of cabinets come with detailed assembly instructions. Due to popularity of RTA cabinets manufacturers are focusing on increasing the quality in both form and function. This means that whenever you’ll order an RTA cabinet you will receive the best possible product at your doorstep. In addition, repairing of the RTA cabinets is also very easy as compared to the custom cabinets.


Now as we talking about the quality of both types of cabinets, let us tell you that the difference between an RTA and custom cabinet is actually nothing. The manufacturers of RTA cabinets have taken great steps to match or even surpass the quality of the custom cabinets. When you order RTA bathroom cabinets from Woodstone Cabinetry in Atlanta, you’ll be choosing cabinets that are easy to assemble and quality is guaranteed.  If you gave a bathroom remodeling project coming up and are not sure which type of cabinets are suitable for you, then you need not to worry. Woodstone Cabinetry offers free estimates which will help you address all your concerns regarding budget, quality and construction. So, choose wisely, choose RTA.

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